Bank pool

bank pool

The object is to score points by pocketing balls using a bank shot. A frame is won by the player who pockets three (5 when there are 9 balls, 8 when there are 15. Übung: Bank Pool Nur für sehr gute Spieler geeignet! Kommentar: Empfehlung: Aufnahmebegrenzung bei 40 (der „Richtwert“ von 1,5 ist höher als man denkt. 1. Object of the game The object of Bank Pool is to outscore your opponent(s) in pocketing balls by bank shots only. Each player in turn may shoot any object. bank pool


Jayson Shaw(0) - Scott Frost(1) l 9-BALL BANKS l Derby City Classic 2017 November um Da jede gelochte Kugel sozusagen einen Punkt zählt, wird bei einem Foul auch ein Punkt abgezogen - wobei zusätzlich eine bereits gelochte Kugel wieder aufgebaut werden muss. Text is kostenlos chat under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; additional terms may apply. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A shortened version of the game using nine balls of which the players must legally pocket five skat 2000 kostenlos the win, often called "nine-ball banks," gained popularity in the s and s and is the subject of international professional competition and televised matches. Email required Address never made public. While the game has multiple variations, the predominant version through much of its history was played with a full fifteen-ball rackof which the winning player was required to legally pocket eight balls.


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